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Team Volunteering

There is an exciting opportunity to have your child's team participate in a morning of gymnastics or sport with Sydney Friendship Circle!

The Friendship Circle works to bring together young people with and without disability in engaging recreational and social settings. We are currently looking for a sporting team to volunteer to engage in a morning of ball games or Gymnastics with a group of children with special needs. This is a great one-off team building activity to help other children with special needs and the team would benefit as well possibly even more than their buddies. No previous experience required.

Time: Select Sunday mornings - 10:00 to approx 12:00
Location: Sport - Private home in Rose Bay
Gymnastics - Mizrachi Hall.
Contact Sender on 0430093670 or

Here are the dates for the next six months we would love to book in your team for one or two of these dates.

29 July
12 August (2:30pm)
16 September
14 October
28 October
11 November
25 November
9 December

Feedback from past participants
"This was so important and great for our boys" Team Manager
"We had to work hard to get him to trust us and want to join in" Omri Aruch
"It was truly a pleasure to watch our boys interact with the children from the Friendship Circle today" Offer Pinto
"It was so cool how excited some of the children got, you could tell they were having a really good time. And so were we." Josh Amoils
“We really enjoyed interacting with the kids during their gymnastic session. They were excited that it was something new and we had fun tumbling and jumping with them. Smiles all round - A good team building experience for us too.” Maccabi U14 netball team

Sample schedule
Brief Volunteers
Greet children - Welcome Circle
Gymnastics/Sport activities
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Goodbye Circle
Volunteer debrief