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Volunteer Application (Under 18)

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We look forward to meeting you and having you volunteer at Friendship Circle! Please read these instructions carefully before completing the application form.

Please ensure you complete our forms correctly and without typos. If you follow the instructions on this form then you, your parents and your referees will automatically receive emails with log-in details and further instructions. Be sure that you have email addresses and phone numbers for your referees before you begin this form.

Please be sure to complete ALL steps of the volunteer application:

Step 1: Complete this application form.

Step 2: Review and submit the Code of Conduct.

Step 3: Ask one of your parents to complete the Teen Volunteer Agreement.

Missing one of these steps and/or having the incorrect person complete one of these forms will result in delays and you may not be able to volunteer at your preferred program or on the preferred date.

Important note regarding referees:

1. At least one of your referees MUST be an impartial authority figure, such as a teacher, coach, tutor, employer, Rabbi or similar.

2. We cannot accept references from family members or relatives.

3. One reference may be from a family friend but references from an authority figure are preferred. One reference MUST be from such a person (see 1.).

4. Provide accurate email addresses and phone numbers for your referees. Please advise them to look out for an email from us, and they may need to check their spam folder. 

Supplying the details of referees who are not suitable or not informing your referees that you have nominated them will delay your application.

If you have any questions about your volunteer application, please email