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Volunteer Driver Application Form

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What is this form?

You need to complete this form so that we can consider whether you will be approved as a NSW Friendship Circle Driver. In addition to requiring the completion of this form, at its discretion, NSW Friendship Circle reserves the right to ask you to:

a.     provide proof of driving clearance from a medical professional; and/or

b.     participate in a driving assessment. 

Driver details

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Volunteer Driver Applicant
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 Please provide details about your car.

Declaration about this form

You declare that;

a.     you have read and understood everything on this form;

b.     you will tell us if your licence is suspended, cancelled or made subject to any conditions or restrictions;

c.     you will ensure that whenever you drive it for Friendship circle purposes;

a.     your car is safe and well maintained; and

b.     you will drive the car in accordance with the law;

d.     you will maintain the insurance and registration on the vehicle; and

e.     you will not make, bring or prosecute any claim, suit or cause of action against NSW Friendship Circle arising from you driving any NSW Friendship Circle participants.